My name is Marijana Kutukoglu. I have been in the field of children education for almost 20 years.My favorite part of this job is being tought by someone who is half my size.
Marijana Supervisor ( ECE)
Lisa Cipollone
Hello, my name is Lisa Cipollone, and I am a Registered RECE teacher. I have been in the field of children for the past 10 years. I have worked with all age groups. As a RECE teacher, I have come to learn, teach and grow with each child in the classroom which I enjoy doing.
Lisa ECE Preschool Room
Belaben Upadhaya
Hello, I am Bela Upadhyay and I have 13 years of experience working with little kids. I love every aspect of teaching and watching different behavior of each kid and help to form them into a great human being. Most important skills you need to work with kids is patience, flexibility and love.As a Teacher, we have to reach kids heart, before reaching to their mind.
Bela Ben ECA Preschool Room
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Dilmohit Singh ECE Preschool Room
Yachna Prasher
Hello, my name is Yachna and I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator working in the toddler room. I grew up in India. I moved to Canada to study Early Childhood education and instantly fell in love with the field. I have been employed with Market Lane Early Learning Centre since 2016 and I love being a part of our incredible team of teachers. I enjoy working with children , and having the opportunity to watch them learn and grow everyday.
Yachna ECE Toddler Room
Stefania Camastro
Hello my name is Stefania and although i have been an Eca in preschool and Infant, I am currently the Eca in the toddler room.
Stefania ECA Toddler Room
Hello ,my name is Loveleen Kaur .I am registered Ece teacher .I have been in this field from two years .I love working with children and help improving their physical ,cognitive ,emotion and gross skills .And I try best to engage all the children in daily routines activities and working on their behaviour.
Loveleen ECE Toddler Room
Victoria Mariani
My name is Victoria Mariani and I graduated from Humber College in 2016 as an Early Childhood Educator. I have experience working will all age groups and am currently the RECE in the infant room. Working with infants is very rewarding as you get to experience every child's first milestones. I look forward to working alongside both staff and families to ensure an open communication relationship.
Victoria ECE Infant Room
Hello, my name is Kiranjot Nagra. I’m a RECE teacher. I’ve got the opportunity to work with all age groups. As a Registered Early Childhood Educator, I love seeing children grow and expand their physical, mental, and emotional development.
Kiranjot ECE Infant Room
Hello, my name is Karambeerkaur. i am RECE in infant room . My passion is working with every age group . Its very challenging in infant room but i love to spend my whole day with my babies . I love welcoming new babies into the infant room and i always make good relationship with parents and kids.
Karambeer ECE Infant Room