Naila Saeed
Administrative Director

Ms. Naila Saeed possess a Masters Degree (M.A) in Public Administration. She initially started with J&F Daycare and Ernest Public School before venturing on her own. She started “Early Years Education System” (EYES) as a registered business to provide state of the art daycare and tuition services for children 1-12 years of age.
She has been working as a child care provider since last sixteen years. She is highly knowledgeable in policy and programs as laid out in the Day Nurseries Act and other relevant legislation. Furthermore, her experience has trained her well to apply the highest level of skills to implement and maintain compliance with legislative requirements related to licensing and inspection such as fire, health and safety. Academic background also includes relevant courses and certification required for the daycare industry from Mother-craft and Seneca College.

Some of the skills she possess are strong communication and problem solving skills which are demonstrated in achieving higher parents satisfaction, teachers training, and child development. She is highly organized to plan and meet weekly and monthly goals by working closely with ECEs and parents. She is able to manage and implement integration program whereby integrating toddlers and preschoolers with special needs into a classroom setting and working one on one with child to meet daily goals specified by social workers and early interventionist.

Some of the highlights of her experience are

– Supervision and guidance to support daily activities for children 1-12 years of age.
– Coordination with staff to guide children in different phases of development.
– Provide homework help to children 4-12 years of age and implement individual and common study programs.
– Provide child assessment and progress report to parents, case workers and early interventionist.
– Prepare and plan daily, weekly, monthly program and activities such as daily schedule, newsletter, curriculum, menu plan, parents and teachers meeting.
– Organize social events such as seminars and competitive activities dedicated to children of different age groups to develop and support leadership skills, discipline and community / social awareness.
– Handling behavioral challenge, language disability and special need children.