Toddler Vaughan Daycare

Toddler ( 18 months- 30 months )
Staff/ Child ratio 1:5

Here at Market Lane Early Learning Center, we believe that children learn through play. We provide consistency in routines and daily experiences that encourage toddlers to feel secure while exploring their surroundings.

Toddlers play has a serious purpose and our trained and qualified staff allow the indoor and outdoor play to be driven by the child’s interests.

Children in the toddler room are encouraged to cooperate and act independently while developing cognitive, positive problem solving skills, language development, communication and social skills.

The Toddler room is set up in a way that encourages child to develop wide range of child’s skill, such as role play, gross motor, problem solving, discovering, imagining, communicating and so on.

In Toddler room the staff also helps child to be more independent in feeding himself, telling his needs and requirements, potty training etc. so that the child is gradually ready to be transitioned in the preschool room.

Center will provide morning/ afternoon snack and a hot lunch.

Parents are responsible for providing diapers, wipes and creams.

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