Toddler Vaughan Daycare

Toddler ( 18 – 30 months )

Market Lane Early Learning Centre ( Daycare ) program is planned to meet the developmental needs and interest of the children. We plan our program on  weekly basis providing activities for cognitive, fine motor , gross motor and intellectual development.  MLELC Daycare toddlers go to the library once a week.

Our daycare classrooms are divided into different learning centres: creative / art,  sensory, dramatic play, block area, reading and writing area. During the day,  children will engage in small group activities to enable them to develop specific skills. Kids will  spend time outdoors to develop their gross motor skills.

MLELC daycare has safe and stimulating toys such as pots and pans, cardboard boxes, balls etc.. Storybooks are introduced for short labeling sessions.

MLELC Daycare Curriculum for toddler is based on :

Me & The World

Personal & Social Development

Early Numeracy & Literacy

Physical & Health Learning

Art & Craft

MLELC daycare activities include singing songs, finger plays, finger painting, obstacle courses made of tires, cardboard boxes, sand/water play.

MLELC daycare routine include:

– Physical Development

-Toddlers need  safe  indoor and outdoor place to practice  motor skills; running, jumping

Fine Motor Skills taught in our daycare include

– hand eye co-ordination; steady hand control

– large beading (not choking size)  string peg puzzles, stacking toys

– thick brushes, markers, giant crayons

Language Development Skills taught in our daycare

– Scheduling story times with lots of actions that toddlers can repeat.

– Provide a variety of crafts, physical activities, music, stories, songs, and games within each day

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.
Calvin Coolidge

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