1. Is there a registration fee.
    Yes, there is a nominal registration fee.
  2. Do you have part time program?
    Yes, we do have part time programs which are based on hourly or daily rates to suit your specific requirements.
  3. Does your centre provide food for my child?
    Yes, we do provide meal (food).  There is no extra charge for food.
  4. What is your drop-off and pick-up time?
    The operating hours are 7 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday. A child can be dropped off and picked up during this duration.
  5. Is my child’s progress assessed?
    Yes, we provide assessment two times in a year – January and July. Based on the assessment the reports are send to the parents, on request.
  6. What documents do I need for registration?Will you provide diapers and wipes?
    No, parents are responsible for providing diapers, pull ups and wipes. These should be labeled with child’s name.

    • A registration form with questionnaire
    • Copy of immunization record
    • Medical information form
    • Copy of parents/guardians driver’s license.
  7. Do you help in potty training?
    Yes, we do help children in potty training.
  8. Does your centre have parents’ interview sessions?
    Yes, any time of the year upon request but we prefer at the time of assessments.
  9. What are different learning areas in the centre?
    Sensory, Block, Art/Creative, Science, Mathematics, Reading area, Dramatic area, Circle area and Table activities
  10. What is your curriculum?
    Please refer to curriculum section of the website.
  11. Can my child stay for Kindergarten program?
    Yes, we do provide KG program based on Ontario curriculum and a level higher.
  12. Is it possible to get a spot immediately?
    Depending on spot available in a specific age category.
  13. Notice of Termination-
    Required to give at least 2 weeks notice in writing, when decided to withdraw the child.
  14. Prescription Medicine-
    If the child needs to take medicine, the parents should bring it to the child staff in the original container. The medicine label must clearly show:

    • My child’s name
    • The date
    • The name of the medication
    • How it should be stored
    • How much should be taken
    • When and how should be taken

    Should sign a medication form for the childcare staff to give permission medication to the child.

  15. Field Trips
    Field trips are planned on aconsistent basis, with the safety and enjoyment of all involed. Preschool and School age Children will go on variety of trips such as local fire halls, parks, etc. Infants and Toddlers will not be permitted to join but will have fun walks planned in the neighbourhood.
  16. Special Diet
    If the child needs a special diet, the parents should bring the food in a labeled container. The parents must also write out the feeding/eating instructions and give this to the centre supervisor.
  17. Programing
    The daily activities in the MARKETLANE daycare centre are based on the developmental and learning needs of each child.
  18. Milk and baby food
    If the parents provide milk or formula in baby bottles and baby food containers, the bottles and containers must be labeled with the child’s name.
  19. Communication/Talking with Staff
    Parents should talk to the centre supervisor and child care staff regularly about any issues or concerns as a parent. Parent involvement is the key to a smooth transition from home to school; we welcome any parent suggestion. Please feel free to speak to your centre supervisor.
  20. What are your daily, weekly and monthly rates?
    We do have daily, weekly and monthly rates, very reasonable.Yes, We do have part time programs which are based on hourly or daily rates to suit your specific requirements. Subsidy and Financial assistance is available.
  21. Do you provide transportation?
    Yes, we do arrange for transportation.