Preschool Vaughan Daycare

Preschool ( 2 1/2 – 4 years )

Market Lane Early Learning Centre ( Daycare ) program is planned  on weekly basis to meet the developmental needs and interest of the children. Preschool classroom has sensory, dramatic play, block area, reading & writing , science and mathematics learning centres. During the day, the children will engage in small group activities to enable them to develop specific skills. They also spend time outdoors  & go to library on weekly basis.

Preschool children are involved in:

– Using a variety of topics to teach i.e. spring – flowers, planting, songs, stories – bears – teddy bear picnic

– making bears out of construction paper

– Three Bears Story – act it out, make costumes, porridge – robots, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, colour week, shape week

– letter of the week – cut out  to decorate, trace, copy, find pictures in magazines that begin with letter of the week

– nutrition week – baking, shopping, books, songs, stories

– make a restaurant, pizza parlour, ice cream parlour, soup kitchen

– Role playing for children become chefs, waiters, customers, make a sign, design menus

– We teach them about feelings, families, about them.

Our child care library has

– books on activities, crafts, drama

– records on movement, stories, songs

Outdoor play is highly emphasized for child’s development.

Lots of opportunities are provided for the dramatic play such as prop box, dress up box, old phones, pots / pans, purses, dolls, stuffed animals etc.

For the academic growth of the child:

– puzzles, games, activities which give children opportunities to count (buttons and empty egg cartons for classifying and counting), a bucket of rice or sand and plastic containers for pouring and measuring

– scales for weighing

– freely bag – closed bag filled with objects; child reaches in and guesses by touching

– a book which has different textures for comparing i.e. sand paper for noting differences

– play-dough or clay to create different shapes.