Empathetic, enthusiastic, with masters degree in Business Administration, and a mother of three describes quite a bit of me. Dealing as a childcare provider/director means managing both staff of 12 and supervision of 64 children. It gives me immense pleasure to be around kids and nurturing them
Mariyam CEO
My name is Amritpal Kaur, and I am working as an RECE since 2016. I have worked with all the age groups. I am keen to observe children grow and from not knowing anything to knowing anything and everything. Working with children gives me an immense pleasure and an inner peace. I want to witness the enjoyment and excitement children feel when they apply their learned skills in their daily life.
Amritpal Kaur Supervisor (RECE)
Hello, my name is Lisa Cipollone, and I am a Registered RECE teacher. I have been in the field of children for the past 10 years. I have worked with all age groups. As a RECE teacher, I have come to learn, teach and grow with each child in the classroom which I enjoy doing.
Lisa RECE Preschool Room
My name is Jessica Capozzi. I am an ECA/Cook at Market Lane Early Learning Centre. My passion is to cook for the little ones. I enjoy teaching and working with them, as it allows me to explore new ideas and learn something new each day. I feel very proud and lucky to be in this industry.
Jessica Capozzi ECA/Cook
Hello, my name is Aisha Malik. I work in the infant room at Marketlane childcare center. I graduated from Humber college from the Early Childhood Program. I am a honest, reliable and loving person. My passion is to work with children. I enjoy teaching and being able to help children with their everyday learning.
Aisha Malik RECE Infant room
My name is Davinder, I am a Registered ECE in preschool room. My passion is to allow my children to discover the world through creative play and many interactive styles. Creativity allow kids to blossom and develop a love for learning. If a student leaves my classroom with new skills, I’ve reached my goal.
Davinder RECE Pre School Room
My name is Deepanshu Shukla, I am an Early Childhood Educator in Marketlane Daycare. My passion is to ignite the fire that fuels my student’s thirst for knowledge, curiosity and wisdom. I love kids and love to them learn everyday.
Harmanpreet Kaur
Hi, I am Harmanpreet Kaur graduated from Seneca College. My goal as an early childhood educator is to ensure safety and well being of children. This job gives me an opportunity to promote holistic development of children by offering an open ended communication, understanding and friendly environment.
Harmanpreet Kaur RECE Toddler Room
Hello, I’m Nuriye. My 22-years teaching journey with youth and children continues as a Registered ECE in the Toddler Room. It’s exciting to be with kids and support them on their journey of discovery and milestones. My aim is to nourish children’s curiosity and create learning opportunities through engaging activities.
Nuriye RECE Toddler Room
Kulwinderjit Kaur
Hi, my name is Kulwinderjit Kaur an ECE in Infant room. My goal is to aid the cognitive and social development of infants. This will further enhance their learning skills, language and vocabulary development and communication with others.
Kulwinderjit Kaur RECE Infant Room
Hello my name is Haliz. I am an ECA in the Preschool room. At the very beginning of my university life I realized my love for the little ones, is the main motive to become a teacher. Through different strategies I make sure children participate in hands on activities indoors well as outdoor play.
Hi, my name is Vikujani Palamondadige. I am an Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) working in the infant room. As a mother of a 4-year-old daughter, I bring a loving and caring touch to my work. I enjoy helping infants learn and grow every day. Being around children and seeing their progress makes me very happy.
Hi, my name is Prabhjit Kaur, and I graduated from Humber College.I am an ECA in the Toddler room. I love showing kids something new and watching them light up with excitement. I am very passionate about working with children and providing them an environment where they feel safe, and are nurtured.