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First Day of School for First Time Parents

Make the big day special
Take the kids back to school shopping! (there’s nothing like a new pair of sneakers or a dress to build anticipation). You could also let kids plan a celebratory meal for the first day of school.

Be positive at drop-off
Keep it positive – a quick reassuring: See you later
Children can pick up on adult’s feelings, so if you are tense, chances are the child will be tense.
“Sometimes parents are the ones who have the difficulty making these transitions, especially if their child has been home with them right up until the time they go to school.”
For children who show signs of separation anxiety, following Here are a few to try:
-Say when you’ll be back and that you’ll be looking forward to hearing about her first day.

-Ease someone else in. Suggest that he sit beside a special friend or near the teacher.

– Stay for a few minutes (if necessary and with the teacher’s agreement). Begin a dialogue about the transition (“Soon you’ll be staying all by yourself”).