Eating healthy

May 6, 2020

It is not easy to get a child to eat healthy, but it is crucial for their development. Healthy snacking is just as important as a home cooked meal, nut it starts at a young age.

Tip: Do not introduce sugar at a young age.

Limit sugar intake as much as possible and offer healthier snacks such as yogurt or animal crackers with cheese. Opt- out of fast food and prepare home cooked meals as much as possible. Make a weekly menu at home and have the items you will need on hand. Organization is key. Practice family mealtime and avoid using technology at the table. Encourage verbal communication. Keep fruits and veggies ready to eat and avoid juices. Most are made of sugars and are awful for teeth. Offer milk or water. Food is a necessity, not a bribe. Do not use dessert as a prize for eating. Try offering a walk or time at the park.