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September 28, 2018

Safe Trick or Treating
1. Choose the right costume.
Choose a costume that is easy for your child to move around in. Avoid heavy, itchy fabrics, elaborate headpieces and outfits that don’t fit properly. Ensure they are wearing comfortable shoes, as they will be doing quite a bit of walking. Consider face paint as a mask alternate, as masks can obstruct sight and breathing.
2. Be visible.
Even if you aren’t intending to be out after dark, it’s not a bad idea to slap some reflective tape over your toddler’s costume, just to be safe. Take a small flashlight along, too, in case you end up candy-gathering for longer than you expected.
3. Inspect all candy before anything is eaten.
Always look through the candy before giving anything to your child to identify possible choking hazards, foods your child is allergic to, and any candy that’s open or just looks off.
4. Prep for unexpected surprises.
Being scared is part of Halloween’s charm, so chances are high that at some point someone will jump out and say “boo!” or you’ll pass an older trick-or-treater with a scary costume. But those kinds of unexpected surprises can be too frightening for a toddler. Be sure to prep your little one ahead of time; explain that some people enjoy feeling a bit scared, and that none of it is real.
6. Skip the super spooky houses.
Some people get really into their Halloween decorations. If you come across a house that you think will overwhelm your toddler, don’t feel bad steering him in the opposite direction.
7. Time it right.
Go early in the evening, and keep it short. Young children can’t hold up for too long, and everyone will have more fun if you stop before they’re too tired or overstimulated.
8. Have a candy plan.
.Tell your child ahead of time how much they can have that evening, next day, throughout the week, etc.
10. Washroom ready.
Go right before you leave the house, just like always. Also, plan your route to have a stop back at home or at a trusted neighbor’s house, in case your child needs to go again. It is also helps to have a costume that is easy to remove when d=going to the bathroom
11. Pick an appropriate candy bag.
Make sure it’s small enough for your child to hold by themselves and has an easy-to-grip handle. A small backpack is another option.

12 Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Toddlers